Ask Charming Shadow | The Fire (Part 4)

Originally this was meant to be a fully animated special for a story arc for my 'Ask Charming Shadow' Tumblr Blog.
Sadly because I was so busy and hadn't posted in well over a year, I had to rush this and turn it into an image by image video, I am very disappointed.

I worked alone on this project, I had to voice the characters myself (except for the Fire Fighter pony featured in this video), "animated" by me, edited by me and putting the sound together by me. So I struggled.

I came to a point of giving up and just rush this project to get it done, I am also fully aware the voice doesn't suit the pony, but no one was willing to help me voice the character so I had to do it myself and I don't have a voice for cartoon characters.

You can see where I first attempted to animate this video which was the first scene I started with, then it went downhill from there.

I have learned from my mistakes and will try to improve them in the future.

Part 1 - 3 below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Also Thanks to Ask Burning Stream Mod for letting me feature her characters:

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