Below will be a list of animation I can make for you! Animation was the second media I wanted to work on, and worked with. I do like to know more on how I can improve on animation but I hardly give myself the time for it. (I need to make more animation projects), I’m hoping making commissions will give that push to make more.
I have used animation when making a film, just like The Brony Hunt or for 3D to be used in other film and animation projects.

Examples & Pricing List

Graphic Motion

£10 to design models (each)
£20 per second

3D Animation

£50 to design models (each)
£20 per second

Puppet Animation

£20 to design models (each)
£20 per second

Cel Animation

Sketch - £50 per second
Line Art - £60 per second

Full Colour - £70 per second

(Just remember I hand draw each frame and it's 24 frames per second)

Contact Form

Remember to read the rules below, you are welcome to ask questions by clicking here if you are unsure about anything.


  • Upfront charge for models and 50% upfront of estimated animation duration

  • NSFW is allowed. Please read the 'restricted list'

  • Try to be as clear as possible when explaining your idea.

  • References, design and/or script is preferred but not mandatory.

  • We may need to converse throughout production (pre, during and post).