Art Commissions

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Armoured - Complete
Casual Student Cadence
Five Night Break In
Where's Wally
Student Council Cadence
Cat eye

First Class Art

First Class is the highest art quality.

  • Typically no outline

  • Full focused shading and highlighting

  • Hair drawn like hair

  • Textures

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.


Taken Apart WO TEXT
EBecK Patreon Reward
NN Picture

Second Class Art

Second Class is the typical art style.

  • Typically outline (like cartoon style)

  • Coloured oulines

  • Basic shading and highlighting

  • Limited textures (ask for details)

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.


DVD Cover

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is the process of editing photos

  • Can import people in any situation

  • Can import objects in any situation

  • Edit images

  • Edit images together

  • Literally Photoshopping

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.

  • Can include art drawings (+£5)


03 3D design
Bionic Arm

3D Art

  • Can model just about anything

  • Can add to 'Photo Manipulation' (+£5)

£25 - 100

(Depending on complexity)

Contact Form

Remember to read the rules below, you are welcome to ask questions by clicking here if you are unsure about anything.


  • 50% upfront charge.

  • NSFW is allowed. Please read the 'restricted list'

  • Try to be as clear as possible when explaining your idea.

  • References are preferred but not mandatory.