Art Commissions

Here will be a list offering the ranges of artwork! I have had experience with artwork from a young child and have produced art all my life, from simple basic doodles and very slowly improving every time.
It was the first and still running media that helped bring Mindstorm Productions to life and that talent is what made the logo you see before you.

Examples & Pricing List

First Class Art

First Class is the highest art quality.

  • Typically no outline

  • Full focused shading and highlighting

  • Hair drawn like hair

  • Textures

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.


Second Class Art

Second Class is the typical art style.

  • Typically outline (like cartoon style)

  • Coloured oulines

  • Basic shading and highlighting

  • Limited textures (ask for details)

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.


Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is the process of editing photos

  • Can import people in any situation

  • Can import objects in any situation

  • Edit images

  • Edit images together

  • Literally Photoshopping

  • Can do posters, covers, banners, etc.

  • Can include art drawings (+£5)


3D Art

  • Can model just about anything

  • Can add to 'Photo Manipulation' (+£5)

£25 - 100

(Depending on complexity)

Contact Form

Remember to read the rules below, you are welcome to ask questions by clicking here if you are unsure about anything.


  • 50% upfront charge.

  • NSFW is allowed. Please read the 'restricted list'

  • Try to be as clear as possible when explaining your idea.

  • References are preferred but not mandatory.