Wil.I.Am - Bang Bang | Music Video

My music video I've been working on for a college project.
I didn't want to be yet another student making yet another music video, but I caved in and thought the final thing I'll make for my last year at college is a music video.

But instead of being all dark, edgy, black & white and depressing like ALL student music videos, I wanted mine to be upbeat and fun.
So I chose this song because it was the easiest idea I had with the short deadline we were given.

I also wanted to try a bit of metaphor thing "shot me down" while using literal guns (yes I know I use too many guns, don't worry, future projects will fix that).

It is shorter than the actual song, I honestly thought I could pull off the whole thing but I was wrong and had to think of a decent end point in the song, so I chose the "Bang" which helps make it look like a natural ending!!

I WILL MAKE A FULL VERSION SOON THOUGH, it will show why I grabbed a ring and whatnot.

Main Woman - Emily Hodgson
Main Singer - Mindstorm (me)
Gang Member 1 - Caza390
Gang Member 2 - Katie (my sister)
Gang Member 3 - Carl Andrews

Production Crew:-
Directed by - Mindstorm (me)
Edited by - Mindstorm (me)
Visual Effects - Mindstorm (me)
Camera Crew - Mindstorm (me) & Caza390
Song: Wil.I.Am - Bang Bang

The Process