Clay Man Jump (College Project Stop Motion)

This was a quick piece to a college project I'm doing as part of animation. We have to work on stop motion and flip books, but time is short and we have to get stuff done.
So yes, this is rushed and has a few errors.

Sound effects were used from this site, I'd like to thank the artist for recording these, although I didn't choose the fitting sounds.. They were the best I could find at the time:

This is also my first ever attempt at green screen, visit my Tumblr to see my small stage and the clay man on the screen.

I made the green screen using a an A2.5 sized paper (it was scrap paper I found that was used but left at that size)

I used Adobe Flash cs6 to make the moving background.

Adobe After Effects cs6 to work the green screen and screen shake.

Photos taken on iPhone 5s camera