Community Commissions Jobs

Here you can apply to be a part of the Mindstorm Productions Community Commissions team and read about how it works! If you have any further questions about this role you can ask us by clicking here.

The plan is for creators to help each other as well as themselves to raise the chances of getting commissions.

All Artists and Animators will get their very own profile that describes:

  • What style of work they're willing to create.

  • Their prices

  • Estimate timescale

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Deals (if any)

Your profile even gets a bio and provides links to your pages of your choice!

With your permission (and the commissioners) you can even feature your work on the website gallery.

For the benefit of customers Creators can also be filtered by quality, speed, price etc.

Members don't pay a subscription or anything to be a part of the Commissioner Community instead a small 5% cut is taken from when a commission is paid which will go toward running the website and potential bonuses for the Artists/Animators.

During widely known holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St Patrick's Day, New Years, Independence Day, etc.) all creators will receive 100% income.

Also to attract more customers all commissions will have a 50% discount while the creators continue to earn the original charge.

Financial benefits will also be provided to the creators.

Customer interaction will primarily be handled by the company (unless requested otherwise) which will help creators avoid interaction with problem customers.

As the company expands all creators (new and old) will have the option to trade in their old equipment for some of the latest or best equipment, provided by Mindstorm Productions, to help creators.

"My inspiration to set up a Community Commission system came from observing other creators promoting each other on Tumblr when they either like the artist, the artist is in financial struggle or newbies. I thought this could be an opportunity for creators to help each other and themselves as the system promotes other creators and other creators promote them.

I know there are numerous websites that expect a subscription which always puts me off, especially when I found it hard to gain an audience and I would be losing money rather than gaining it. The system I put it place is to help creators gain money.

I hope this system helps beginners grow their audience, helps those in financial struggle gain the funding they need and make commissioning a better process."

- Mindstorm