Mindstorm (the Movie) - ​[Jessica gets shot] Scene

I do not own the music featured in this video and have not participated in the production of the song.
'Say Something' by Christina Aguilera & A Great Big World owned by Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment!

I am fully aware the film is a train wreck and poorly put together, I have learned from my mistakes and will try to improve in the future.
I plan to remake this scene and make it better with a bunch of improvements.

This idea was inspired while thinking about my dream movie and listening to Say Something and I started this as a college project
(actually a personal project but I used college to make it)

I have spent a year working on this short film dealing with editing, effects, animation, camera, lighting (which broke) and more.

My main actor no longer wanted to participate in any more filming so I spend months trying to get a replacement actor to cover the remaining scenes and when I got willing actors, it turns out they didn't fit the part during the editing..

I noticed the editing was awful, picture quality was bad, lighting was a disaster, effects didn't work.
So I decided to upload what I've got so far and prepare for a better version in the future.
The whole film was done on green screen; the walls, the floor, everything.

I would like to thank my actors for participating, even when they felt awkward or worked plenty enough:

- Hannah Gladding
- Daniel Lovick
- Abbie Lister
- Saffron Taylor
- Kieran Wood
- John Mitchell
- Nikolai Irwin

I would also like to thank Megan Vellum for helping me try to cover the missing scenes. Sorry I couldn't work on them.

(I am aware the script says 'Hannah' the name changed during the process)

The Process


(Old) Script

Storyboard Page 1