​Grolsch Commercial - Irresistible

As part of our college film project we had to choose one of four companies and their products to advertise. We had to keep the advert within 30-45 seconds based on the 'Death of the 30 second ad' issue as well as practice and show our skills in editing.

I chose to work on Grolsch Premium Lager because you can make funny ads with alcoholic beverages.


This was all recorded and edited within a 24 hour total but spread out of about 3 weeks. It was fun to record and my main actor was fantastic for me!


I would like to thank Northfields pub, Stamford for letting me film there and bring in a beverage they don't serve, they were so nice.


My actors were:-

- Tony Hull (Main customer, hand at the end)

- Zoe Hull (Window stalker, hand at the end)

- Emily Hodgson (Window stalker, hand at the end)

- Wendy Pickering (Window Stalker)

- Paul (Window Stalker)

- Darren Compton (Bartender, hand at the end)

- Angela Carter-Begbie (Table Glare, Window Stalker)

- Keith Saunders (Table Glare) - Breda Tubs (Table Glare)

- Keith (Table Glare) (Update surname later)

- Martin Prior (Lip licker)


Many many thanks to the people that took part, couldn't have done this without them. Filmed with my iPhone using the slow motion option. Slow motion fixed. Logo added in Adobe After Effects. Put together in Adobe Premier Pro. Crowd sound effects and POP recorded and edited by me.


Angry boat sound effect from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2QDpw2xDds