Join the Team

When a project becomes ready to make, we contact all required creators to help make a film, animate a video, record sounds/music, perform specific types of artwork, and/or other needs for a whole project. Many slots will be available as we will need to ensure there is a back-up crew in case any employee is unavailable (it will help if you are flexible).

Some tasks can be worked from home allowing us to work with people all over the world 

Running so many projects and several other tasks, it's hard to keep my ask blogs updating on a regular basis and I hate to leave them for more than a week tops!
This took some consideration as I wanted to keep my own style on my blogs but desperate times call for desperate measures and I will need

co-artists to take place (benefits apply, click to see details)
The 2 blogs I run are the following:

We understand that it's tough trying to get commissions, trust us.. Which is why we set up a Community Commission system which allows YOU to get heard!
Not only will you be helping artists be promoted, and artists will be promoting you!

I bet you're thinking "So what's the subscription charge?" Well no. No subscription at all otherwise you'll be losing money, our intention is to help you EARN money!
I (Mindstorm) hate joining websites with a monthly/yearly cost because I wont be able to afford it..
Instead the only time you need to pay for distribution is when you're earning money; so the idea is up to 5% fee per successful commission meaning that you will be earning 95%

FIRST 10 ARTISTS GET FIRST YEAR FREE (meaning that you get 100% of the cut when making commissions)
​- 10/10 SLOTS LEFT