Film - Prop Preparation

Prop prep & makers job is to design and build a range of objects which also including stunt props. You will also need to remake several replicas of the props for backup, even soft props.

Some props will require writing, such as signs, other will need options to light up. You may need to teach the actors how some props will work too.
Not all prop makers need to understand electronics and programming, though some electronic makers will be needed.

Health and safety guides will be taken to ensure your safety and safety of others.


  • Good imagination to visualise and create in 3D

  • Good drawing and design skills 

  • Have practical skills for sculpting and modelling

  • Use hand and power tools

  • Know how to use a range of materials

  • Patience

  • Close attention to detail

  • Good observation skills

  • Excellent concentration skills

  • Problem solving